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Jean Rene aka JR

JR is one of the greatest French street artist of the moment. He uses photographic collage as a technique. He uses this technique on the monuments et buildings  cities (mainly in Paris) but also in Egypt, Italy, Urkaine etc ....

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JR uses his art to convey messages of peace and solidarity. Two symbolic examples, one on the border between the USA and Mexico on the separation wall and the other following the war in Urkaine. We can clearly see that over time, street art has become more and more committed, likesociety today. The works in the streets reflect current issues in our society (more egalitarian, more ecological, more universal...). 

Inside Out Project, has forobjective  to give everyone the opportunity to convey a message that is dear to them. The goal is to allow everyone to share their story by transforming their message into a public work of art. A truck with a kind of photo booth, allows to remove a giant black and white photo which will stick with the others then destroyed by time and the passage of spectators.

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