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C215 (Christian Guémy)

Christian Guemy aka C215, one of the greatest French stencil artists and engaged in the life of our society n with these portraits in prison and on mailboxes....

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C215 has a lotwork  in urban art in order to recognize this art and make it accessible to all. In his city of vitry sur seine, he produced many works but also brought international artists tobeautify this city.


Christian Guemy began in 2006 to make these works of art. C215aaccomplished  the personality portrait like Simone Veil,Christiane Taubira, strangers and animals including the cat...

C215 isvery  engaged in his city but beyond.

His work in prisons is a perfect example.

C215 does not produce a lot of screen printing work compared to othersartists like Obey and the prints are more limited in number of copies after prices which are attractive.

The war in Urkaine marked the street art artist a lot. At the time of writing this text, he hadAlready  made two trips to this country to talk to the population and also put stencils of love and peace.

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