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Jeff Gillette

Jeff Gillette is an American contemporary artist. He became known for his subversive 'slumscape' paintings ironically featuring Disney characters. He was the inspiration behind Banksy's "Dismaland" theme park (again) in 2015, in which he was a featured artist with works of his own on the park. Cinderella crashing with her carriage was part of this happening.

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In 2015, Banksy contacted Gillette to purchase a "Minnie Hiroshima" painting (which became the official poster available at the Dismaland gift shop. Subsequently, he invited Gillette to participate in a group exhibition in England in what was then described as "an abandoned theme park".The works quickly became successful (Minnie Hiroshima, Cinderalla Carriage Crash...)

From there, Jeff Gillette began to exhibit in London, USA

In 2017, he staged a solo exhibition at the Gregorio Escalante Gallery in Los Angeles entitled "Total Dismay", which transformed the exhibition space into an "art dump" (in reference to Banksy's Dismaland.

In this exhibition, there is a series of new paintings mounted on the walls. and cost thousands of dollars, while the floor was littered with paper prints that customers actually walked on, which were on sale for $5. The subversive side of Banksy echoed by Jeff.

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